Why I made this site ...

I'm Mike Lloyd-Jones and I've been a fan of Guy Bellamy ever since I read his first novel 'The Secret Lemonade Drinker'. I created this website for all lovers of Guy Bellamy's wickedly funny novels and for those who haven't yet been introduced to his comic masterpieces.

I read each of his other novels as they appeared and each one was superbly entertaining. His consistency is another measure of his talent. No other comic novelist in the last thirty years managed to sustain writing at such a high level. There were no 'misses', no disappointments - each of his books was brilliantly funny and superbly well-plotted with living, breathing, true-to-life characters.

Reviews of his books frequently mention that Guy Bellamy has a great talent for writing brilliantly funny dialogue. It's true, but actually there's a lot more to this than meets the eye. Lots of writers can produce witty dialogue - but it sounds artificial. You can almost hear the word-processor clattering away to manufacture the jokes. Guy Bellamy had the talent to write wonderfully funny dialogue that always sounds realistic, like real people talking. This is comic writing at its best,.

It's easy for publishers to describe a novel as comic and yet too often these books contain scarcely a line that raises a smile, never mind a laugh. Guy Bellamy hit the spot every time. His books are genuinely funny and - as a bonus - his cleverly-designed plots always bring his books to a conclusion that leaves you feeling happy and satisfied. I believe that he's one of the greatest writers of comic fiction that this country has produced in the last thirty-odd years and I'm glad that this site attracts so many visitors - because it shows how many readers out there share my appreciation of Guy Bellamy's work.

And if you're a Guy Bellamy fan then you obviously enjoy a funny book and you may want to take a look at my own comic novels, Just Complaints, The Fortunate Island and The Tackle and Bait. They're available from Amazon in paperback or as an e-book.

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