The Man Who Won and A Year in Suburbia

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The Man Who Won was published by Robert Hale in 2005 and re-published for the Kindle in May 2013. It is the story of a writer, Andy Devlin, whose life has always been a struggle. But when his debts spiral out of control and he's forced to sell his home to pay them off, Andy finds himself unable to afford a new place to live. By a malign quirk of fate, calamity strikes his two closest friends at the same time.

For the first time the three friends are split up. That is, until Brad has a dramatic change of fortune and sets about buying a luxurious new home in the country for a neighbourly reunion. But his astonishing act of generosity will create more problems than it solves..

Paul Pickering, reviewing this book for the Sunday Express gave it five stars and wrote: "Bellamy has produced another novel that is every bit as exciting as The Secret Lemonade Drinker...Bellamy has written one of the funniest books on winning the lottery around and there is nothing better than to curl up with a story where a massive win leads to misery and doom."

A Year in Suburbia was published by Robert Hale in December 2007 and re-published for the Kindle in May 2013.

"The year starts badly for Mark Hutton who finds that his wife has left him for no reason on New Year's Eve. His mood isn't improved when an old friend arrives from Australia and insists on organising a reunion dinner for the boys who were in their class at school. That evening ends in tragedy, but throws up a ray of hope for Mark who discovers that one of the guests has married the girl he fell in love with all those years ago. And when he produces a family photograph the son bears a startling resemblance to Mark.Closeted in his own small and unprofitable bookshop, he wrestles with his problems - romantic, professional and social. And what he discovers is that a lot can happen in a year.... ".

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